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Fiks:Reflective Reflective Wheel Stripes
$13.99 $19.99 30% Off
Fiks:Reflective Wheel Stripes increase visibility for bicycles to keep riders safe. They are designed specifically to fit modern bicycle wheels by easily sticking onto the non-braking surface of the rim. The special glass bead embedded film reflects light from the headlights of a car back towards the car and the driver to keep you seen, and semi-permanent adhesive makes for durable installation that removes cleanly when it's time for change. - Single wheel packs allow mixing of colors. Order two packs for complete reflective stripes on both sides of two wheels. Note: If your bike is equipped with rim brakes and the rims do not have at least 7mm or 1/4 in. of space between the braking surface and the spokes, Fiks:Reflective Rim Stripes cannot be used. Never apply Fiks:Reflective Rim Stripes to the braking surface of a wheel.
Lightweights Power Reflector Dots
These handy, self-adhesive, reflective dots can be affixed to your bicycle, helmet or clothing. Contains 7 dots in reflective lime.
- Reflective Vest
- Standard reflective safety vest - One size fits all
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