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Mirrycle Mountain Mirrycle Mirror
The Mountain Mirrycle Mirror quickly attaches to most any flat handlebar using the supplied wrench. Its convex mirror provides a wide field of view to help you clearly see approaching traffic. And the mirror head adjusts to your optimum viewing angle.
Blackburn Helmet Mirror
This light, small mirror from Blackburn adheres directly to all the latest helmets for a great view behind to make all your rides safer. It can be removed in seconds, too.
Blackburn Road Mirror
Blackburn's Road Mirror mounts to any road-brake lever, so you have a clear view of what's behind and can stay safe. The included adjustable mounting hardware helps eliminate rattles and shakes, too, so the image is sharp and easy to see.
Fiks:Reflective Reflective Wheel Stripes
Fiks:Reflective Wheel Stripes increase visibility for bicycles to keep riders safe. They are designed specifically to fit modern bicycle wheels by easily sticking onto the non-braking surface of the rim. The special glass bead embedded film reflects light from the headlights of a car back towards the car and the driver to keep you seen, and semi-permanent adhesive makes for durable installation that removes cleanly when it's time for change. - Single wheel packs allow mixing of colors. Order two packs for complete reflective stripes on both sides of two wheels. Note: If your bike is equipped with rim brakes and the rims do not have at least 7mm or 1/4 in. of space between the braking surface and the spokes, Fiks:Reflective Rim Stripes cannot be used. Never apply Fiks:Reflective Rim Stripes to the braking surface of a wheel.
Lightweights Power Reflector Dots
These handy, self-adhesive, reflective dots can be affixed to your bicycle, helmet or clothing. Contains 7 dots in reflective lime.
- Reflective Vest
- Standard reflective safety vest - One size fits all
Hornit The Hornit
At 140 decibels the Hornit is loud enough to be heard by drivers of cars, trucks, vans and buses and pedestrians so it gives the cyclist greater control over their safety, rather than passively hoping to be seen. It comes complete with handle bar mount and trigger.
Mirrycle Incredibell Adjustabell 2
Mirrycle's Incredibell Adjustabell 2 uses a fully adjustable handlebar clamp that fits any size bars. Its perfect size and pivoting ringer let you mount it just about anywhere on your handlebars, and allows you to ring it with your thumb or finger. The Adjustabell 2 can even be mounted to a ski pole or walking stick. One flick and it rings loud and clear for all to hear.
X-Factor Bugle Horn
* Use it to warn vehicles and pedestrians of your approach * Has a distinct honk that's sure to be heard * Attaches to your handlebar for easy access
Sunlite Mini Bell
•Handlebar mount •Right or left hand use •Fits all bicycles •Alloy ping style bell
Sunlite Windmill Bell
Let everyone know your coming with Sunlite's Windmill Bell. It makes the classic "ring-ring" sound that everyone loves. It fits most bars and can be used right or left handed. And perhaps best of all, for added flair the windmill spins as you ride through the wind!
Mirrycle Incredibell Brass Duet
Mirrycle's Incredibell Brass Duet makes a traditional ding-dong dual-tone ring with the beautiful resonance of solid brass. Plus, its compact size lets you mount it just about anywhere on your handlebars.
Mirrycle Incredibell Honka Hoota
$6.30 $8.99 30% Savings
Mirrycle's Incredibell Honka Hoota is an air horn that's the size of a bell! Just a gentle push on the air dome and heads will start to turn.
Knog Oi Bell - Large
Bike bells generally look & sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy & sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel? A bell with a beautiful tone, but also a remarkable style and choice of materials that embodies a rider’s personality. The Large Oi fits 23.8 to 31.8mm bars e.g. drop bar road bikes and some cruiser / commuters. Please make sure you know where on your handlebar you are going to place the bell (grips or stem) before you order as you may need a different sized bell. THE LOOK Where bells usually protrude up or out, Oi doesn’t. It appears to hover around the handle bars. In one sense, it's discreet. But in another, it stands out as unrecognizable. THE SOUND Knog tested numerous prototypes to get the perfect pitch, length of ring, and volume. With a spring-loaded actuator built into the mount, the strike of the bell is firm and fast, allowing a good balance of volume and longevity of sound. It actually has several pitch tones - one core and several supportive higher tones to ensure it's unmistakable and safely heard. To compare it to a musical instrument, where some bells play a single note, Oi plays a chord. THE MOUNT What about the handle-bar cables? No worries. Built into the shape of the mount is a cable management system. So not only does it allow the bell to look and sound uninterrupted, it also helps gather your cables (for the organizer inside us all). What about getting it on the bar. Again, not a thing. Just pop it over, give the hex screw a quick tighten up, and you're good to go. No sliding down the handlebars, no dismantling and re-assembling.
Electra Hawaii Bell
$7.00 $9.99 30% Savings
You'll feel the warmth of fresh island breezes every time you ring Electra's Hawaii Bell. This colorful bell has a pleasant 'ding' sound and it simply clamps onto your handlebars for easy installation.
Cyclist Choice Cartoon Bell
The cartoon picture varies on all bells.
Cyclist Choice Compass Bell
$7.19 $11.99 40% Savings
A compass on top of the bell allows you to see which way you're going. The Compass Bell comes in a variety of colors.
Crane Bell Suze Bell
The Brass Suze Bell provides a loud and clear tone. A great choice for Chicago's lakefront and streets.
C-Preme Spider-Man Super Bell
3D Spiderman bell for all Spidey adventures • Loud, clear ring • Fits most bikes, trikes and scooters
BikeSmart Amore Bell
Do you love your bike? Let everyone know with BikeSmart's Amore Bell.
BikeSmart DingleBell
Let people know that you are coming with the BikeSmart DingleBell. This fun bell will work on either the right or left side of your handlebars.
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