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Why an electric bike?

It's an affordable, economical, fun and healthy way to get around. Pedal like a bike but get help when needed.  Whether you’re commuting to work downtown or taking a leisurely ride at the park, e-bikes can provide an extra boost. At Kozy's, we proudly carry the best e-bike brands. Stop in for an electric bicycle test ride and to learn more from our experts!

An electric bike is right for you!

Commuting & Getting Around

   - No license or registration

   - Save on high gas prices, insurance and car costs

   - No high parking fees or wasting time trying to find one

   - May be ridden on streets and bike paths

   - Assistance for hills and winds

   - No sweat (unless you want) after a commute

   - Burn calories and enjoy less stress than driving

Lifestyle & Health

   - Friendly to the environment

   - Keep up with others in your life who cycle

   - Go further on an electric bicycle

   - You choose how much you want to pedal or not

   - No sweat (unless you want) after a ride

   - You'll have fun, become more active & enjoy spending time outdoors

   - Take along on your RV or boat to easily access your nearby surroundings