3 different pictures of men and women riding bicycles


Let's stay positive and do what we can to stay healthy and well.  Get out that bike and let's go for a ride!  

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.”  John F. Kennedy


  • Health & Fitness - A little extra exercise goes a long way.
  • Get Rid of Stress - We can all use some extra stress relief.  Pedal fast and pedal hard.
  • Affordable & Economical - No license, no registration, no gas.
  • Environment - Do you really need to get in that car to drive a mile?  
  • Explore the Neighborhood - Driving in a car won't let you appreciate the sites of the area.  Walking will but most people just can't get very far on two feet. Cycling is the way to do it.
A woman with red pants riding a green Electra bike towing red balloons


Most important, let's all have some fun!

Remember that feeling of freedom when you rode as a kid?

Bring back that feeling of independence and fun.

Get on your bike and ride!


  • Which bike?  We have many, many bikes to choose from.  Whether you're commuting across town or riding the trails, we can help you find the best bike for your needs.
  • Too far, too windy, need a bit of a boost?   We've got electric bikes to help and boy, have they come a long way.  They're light, they're sleek.  Come on in and try one out.
  • Too Cold or Wet?  We've got the right gear.  From rain jackets to fenders to toasty toe covers and gloves, we've got the right gear and clothing to keep you warm and dry during your travels.
  • Need to Bring Stuff Along?  We've got lots of racks, bags and baskets to help you carry your needs for the day.
  • Are You Safe?  Make sure you have the right helmet.  Include eye wear for protection.  Add a front and rear light to be seen, and attach a bell or a horn to make others aware of you.
  • Lock it Up - Mount a lock on your bike.  Whether you run in to get some coffee or are out running some errands, you'll always have your lock with you.
  • Explore a new trail or neighborhood - When you have a car rack, you can take your bike to new trails to explore. 
  • Always Keep With you - Water, spare tube, gel or bar, pump, wrench and emergency tools.
  • Uncomfortable?  We can fix that.  Whether it's a comfy new saddle, padded bar tape or new pair of shorts, we can help find and fix the issue.
A man riding a bicycle on a Saris indoor trainer


Make spinning at home easy and affordable with an indoor trainer.  Instantly transform your outside bike into a stationary bike with a  basic trainer. Simply attach to the rear wheel, hop on and go.  Using a  basic trainer gives you a guilt-free way to binge your favorite show and spin away stress without going to the gym. Fold it up for easy storage  when you’re finished.