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OnGuard Doberman Key (185cm x 12mm/6 feet x 0.47 inch)
OnGuard's Doberman is a strong self-coiling steel cable secured with OnGuard's stout X2 double-bolt lock, which resists picking, drilling, and cutting. The cable has a tough vinyl cover which protects your bike. For convenience, the Doberman comes with a mounting bracket so you can carry the lock on your bike. And you get five keys, including OnGuard's Microlight key which has a built-in light.
OnGuard Doberman Combo Cable Lock
User settable Steel Ball Combo lock is permanently forged to medium-duty185cm x 12mm (6' x 0.47") self-coiling cable. Bracket included. Cable Dimensions: 185cm x 12mm(6' x 0.47").
OnGuard K-9
$63.00 $89.99 30% Off
OnGuard's K-9 combines U-lock strength with the versatility and ease-of-use of a cable lock. It's constructed from hardened steel plates and features OnGuards pick, pull, and drill-proof lock cylinder. Once unfolded, the K-9 has plenty of length to secure frames and wheels to a rack or other solid object. It includes a push-button release mounting bracket that attaches to water bottle bosses or straps to any part of your bike frame. For added versatility, a water bottle cage can be mounted on top of the bracket so you'll have room for security and hydration.
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