With a mix of comfort, performance, and value, the Ruby is the perfect  bike for exploring roads that are, well, less than ideal.  Home is the one place you can feel comfortable in your own skin.  To be 'at home' on the Ruby is to shut out the negative, to truly relax into who you are. If that's someone who's into the harshest of roads? Relish in them. Or if you want the smoothest ride in the world? Welcome home.

Specialized Ruby Comp – Ultegra Di2
Tired of rough roads wearing you out? We were, too. But where we see a prob...
Specialized Ruby Comp
$2,899.99 $3,399.99 15% Savings
We all benefit from comfort, but all too often, it comes at the expense of ...
Specialized Ruby
With a mix of comfort, performance, and value, the Ruby is the perfect stee...
Specialized Ruby Sport
Looking for a bike to explore the road less traveled, while also keeping ro...


Anytime, Anywhere the Roubaix is ready for it. Designed to take the roughest roads and turn them into the fastest, smoothest ride every day.  Every crack, every pothole, every rough patch and bit of chip seal—the off-limits boneshakers to the smoothest homestretches—the Roubaix isn't resigned to a single day in France, it's made for every road, everywhere. And for models with the all-new Future Shock, rides are now even smoother and even faster.

Specialized Roubaix Comp
$2,899.99 $3,399.99 15% Savings
When you're rolling smoother, you're rolling faster. And regardless of if y...
Specialized Roubaix Sport
Hitting a sweet spot between performance and value, the Roubaix Sport was d...
Specialized Roubaix Expert
$3,360.00 $4,199.99 20% Savings
Sure, we always knew that smoother was faster, but before the Roubaix Exper...
Specialized Roubaix Expert
$5,299.99 $5,799.99 9% Savings
Sorry, rough roads. Up until now, you've challenged only the bravest of rid...