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2 Bike Riders on Specialized Roll bikes

Ride Confidently & Comfortably

Looking for a city bike?  A bike for paths and trails?  A fitness bike?  Then just get on a Roll.  All Specialized Roll bikes offer Ground Control Positioning.  This makes it easy to put your foot down when you stop so you're always in control on busy Chicago streets and paths.  Upright handlebars and the wider tires provide more stability and cushioning.  See for yourself what a great bike the Specialized Roll is.  Come test ride the Roll at any of our Kozy Chicago stores.

Specialized Roll Bicycle Low-Entry Bike Frame

Lightweight Aluminum Frame with Ground Control Positioning

Ground Control Positioning allows you to easily put a foot down when stopped, an added benefit when biking Chicago streets.

Nimbus II Sport Tire on Specialized Roll Bicycle

Durable, Wide & Stable Nimbus Tires

For added stability and cushioning, the Specialized Roll is equipped with Nimbus II Sport tires which create a comfy and safe ride. These tires will tackle Chicago streets and the lakefront trail.  

Specialized Roll Elite Bicycle in Black

The Roll = Comfort

The Roll has lots of extras that will make you happy. The Specialized Body Geometry Cup Saddle "cups" your sit bones.  Some Roll models offer a spring suspension seatpost.  Upright handlebars with Body Geometry grips create a comfy riding experience. 

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