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Jamis Renegade Blue and White Bike


Imagine....being a commuter in the morning, the leader of the after-work group ride and take off for a 300-mile bikepacking expedition over the weekend. All with a single bike. With over 20 fork and frame mounts you can now choose to mount fenders, rear carrier, low-rider front carrier (or two cages for water bottles/storage) and three front triangle water bottles. Add clearance for 700cx42mm/650x47mm tires on their steel and aluminum models, and it's clear the Renegade series is equipped to accommodate any adventure..

Gray Jamis Renegade Bike


Starting with a wide and consistent stack and reach range, Jamis set out to design a frame that could handle on or off road conditions while maintaining a comfortable and consistent ride.  As you start to review the geometry chart you will notice they have 3 different fork offsets, BB  drops and rear center measurements depending on frame size. This is unique.  Every Renegade rider will experience the ultimate in adventure bike performance regardless of their frame size.

Jamis Renegade ECO fork blades


Enhanced Compliance Offset (ECO) fork blades are swept forward several millimeters to provide extra vertical compliance for a more comfortable and controlled ride without any compromise in lateral stiffness. This is possible in part due to the ECO’s reinforcing rib on the inside of the fork legs. The integration of a 12mm thru-axle into their fork maintains all of the characteristics of the ECO design while adding the benefits of increased front-end stiffness and further reduced weight.