Winter Weather Biking Gear

Whether you're commuting to work, training for the upcoming season or can't bear the thought of being off your bike for more than a few days, there are plenty of reasons to ride into and through the cool weather seasons. To help, here's some advice on how to brave the cold, windchill and snow.

Head, Hands and Feet

In mild winter temperatures a helmet or ear covers, or helmet over a cycling cap is sufficient to keep your head warm. When the mercury drops, consider a thin winter hat that fits beneath your helmet. This will warm your head even at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Protecting your face with a balaclava is an excellent solution. It provides a thin, moisture-wicking layer for your face and head.
Keeping hands warm can be tricky.  Mittens provide more warmth than most gloves but at the cost of dexterity. Lobster gloves offer most of the warmth of mittens with better dexterity. Or, try gloves with liners or barr mitts.

Most cycling shoes are designed with vents for normal conditions, but these let in the cold in winter. To keep the weather out, we like booties or toe covers that fit over your shoes, which add a layer of protection and warmth. You might consider purchasing specially designed winter shoes, which are loaded with features to protect your feet.  Heavy duty socks will go a long way in keeping your feet warm.

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Torso and Legs

TORSO - If your torso stays warm, you will, too. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to move perspiration away from your body & keep your skin dry. Avoid cotton, which traps moisture next to your skin and makes you wet and cold. The amount and types of layers worn over the initial layer depend on the weather conditions and your ability to remove the layers if necessary. Long-sleeve jerseys with full zippers are excellent. On top, wear a windproof and waterproof layer. Racers training in the winter may prefer a jacket or vest that's only waterproof in front, allowing heat to escape in back. Commuters, who ride less vigorously and sweat less, may prefer a waterproof jacket.

Be Seen and Protected

With shorter winter days and adverse weather that may effect road conditions, you'll want the appropriate equipment.  Proper tires, fenders and lighting will make your ride more enjoyable and much safer.  If you want to take your winter riding to the next level, take a look at a fat bike.  With it's wide tires and lower pressure, you'll appreciate all of the traction it provides. 

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Please swing by any of our stores so that we can help you select some awesome winter gear and apparel.  We can also help with any questions on maintenance, cleaning and lubricating which will help keep your bike in tip top shape in all weather conditions.

Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are built and designed for all sorts of terrain and conditions.  Tackle the city streets or enjoy the snow covered trails.  A fat bike allows you to extend your riding season.